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    110002 - Fit Squad Fridays

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    Add to Cart110002-AFitness Fridays01/05/18- 01/26/18F12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Add to Cart110002-BFitness Fridays02/02/18- 02/23/18F12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Add to Cart110002-CFitness Fridays03/02/18- 03/23/18F12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Add to Cart110002-DFitness Fridays04/06/18- 04/27/18F12:00P- 1:00PItem Details

    110004 - Tu Tu's and Tap

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    Add to Cart110004-ATu-Tu's and Tap01/03/18- 01/31/18W 5:00P- 5:45PItem Details
    Add to Cart110004-BTu-Tu's and Tap02/07/18- 02/28/18W 5:00P- 5:45PItem Details
    Add to Cart110004-CTu-Tu's and Tap03/07/18- 03/28/18W 5:00P- 5:45PItem Details
    Add to Cart110004-DTu-Tu's and Tap04/04/18- 04/25/18W 5:00P- 5:45PItem Details

    110005 - Mommy & Me Fitness

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    Read Notice110005-AMommy & Me Fit01/01/18- 01/29/18M12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Read Notice110005-BMommy & Me Fit02/05/18- 02/26/18M12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Read Notice110005-CMommy & Me Fit03/05/18- 03/26/18M12:00P- 1:00PItem Details
    Read Notice110005-DMommy & Me Fit04/02/18- 04/30/18M12:00P- 1:00PItem Details

    110008 - Twinkle Toes Ballet

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    Add to Cart110008-ATwinkle Toes Ballet01/03/18- 01/31/18W 5:45P- 6:30PItem Details
    Add to Cart110008-BTwinkle Toes Ballet02/07/18- 02/28/18W 5:45P- 6:30PItem Details
    Add to Cart110008-CTwinkle Toes Ballet03/07/18- 03/28/18W 5:45P- 6:30PItem Details
    Add to Cart110008-DTwinkle Toes Ballet04/04/18- 04/25/18W 5:45P- 6:30PItem Details

    110009 - Ballet/Tap/Jazz Fusion

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    Add to Cart110009-ABallet/Tap/Jazz Fus01/03/18- 01/31/18W 6:30P- 7:15PItem Details
    Add to Cart110009-BBallet/Tap/Jazz Fus02/07/18- 02/28/18W 6:30P- 7:15PItem Details
    Add to Cart110009-CBallet/Tap/Jazz Fus03/07/18- 03/28/18W 6:30P- 7:15PItem Details
    Add to Cart110009-DBallet/Tap/Jazz Fus04/04/18- 04/25/18W 6:30P- 7:15PItem Details

    110201 - Tae Kwon Do

    Ages: 5 years to Adult Instructor: Bobby Blakey
    6th degree black belt, Bobby Blakey, has 30+ years of training experience with numerous black belts under him and sits on the board of the Texas Martial Arts Federation. In addition to traditional Tae Kwon Do, Bobby holds a recognized 6th degree Black Belt in American Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree Black Belt in Iss-Hogai Jujitsu, and 1st degree Black Belt in Kobudo. Discipline, power, focus and conditioning are just some of the things you will learn in this year round program. Attend a class one or two nights a week. $30.00 a month for once a week ($5.00 for each additional family member); $50.00 a month for two nights a week ($10.00 for each additional family member).

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    Add to Cart110201-ATae Kwon Do Beg01/02/18- 01/30/18VariesVariesItem Details
    Add to Cart110201-BTae Kwon Do Beg02/01/18- 02/27/18VariesVariesItem Details
    Add to Cart110201-CTae Kwon Do Beg03/01/18- 03/29/18Tu, Th 6:30P- 7:30PItem Details
    Add to Cart110201-DTae Kwon Do Beg04/03/18- 04/26/18VariesVariesItem Details
    Add to Cart110201-ETae Kwon Do Adv01/02/18- 01/30/18VariesVariesItem Details